Korian Innovation Hub


This online platform is a collaboration between several Korian departments and business units who are working on innovation in Korian. As an active and growing company Korian is a continuously evolving organization. As our mission statements defines we’re looking for the best solutions we can offer. Therefor we invest a lot in research, development and testing new idea’s, concepts and technology. 

To accelerate the innovation process we developed this platform to allow our internal network and our (potential) partners to onboard their idea’s, products and solutions in this innovation platform. 

It allows our innovation teams to screen and asses quickly the proposed items and to give feedback and plan -if we see a potential added value- a next step. Using this platform also guarantees that your product is been reviewed by the right department and internal departments. 

We’re looking forward to review and asses your application and commit ourselves to give you a response within four weeks after the submission. 

Our Mission

Korian Innovation Hub briefly

Scout, assess and propose innovative solutions for test and evaluation by Korian Solutions or another Korian entity. The results of these efforts will be shared with the entire organization. To have a successful outcome the KIH will establish, foster and grow a culture and environment for innovation on group and country levels.

The solutions envisaged will make a clear contribution to improving the quality of life of the frail people we care for or must enable our employees to do so as described in the Korian mission and values. The solutions will generate data or information in a digital format that can be used on its own and can be connected to other platforms.

How to apply a project to the Korian Innovation Hub ?

The application process consists of three simple steps. The standard application file will structure your request while providing us with a clear and unified reading grid.


A Form

Please fill out the online form on our innovation platform.


A Notification

You will receive a notification of receipt and the deadline for the KIH referrer to contact you as soon as we receive your complete file



You are informed of the conclusions of the analysis of your application by the committee of experts and of the possible follow-up given to it.

The DNA of our innovations!


Silver Economy company, you have developed a product or service for our seniors and wish to benefit from the advantages of the Korian Innovation Hub.

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