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What is SimonsVoss ?

Korian, through its digital entity, Korian Solutions, is embracing SimonsVoss digital locking technology for managing and protecting facility access.

The 20-year old company manufactures and offers digital solutions for securing buildings and businesses. The company offers cylinders, handles, padlocks and locks that work without a key and via a wireless network to reinforce the security and viability of access to Korian buildings. The security of the establishments is a priority subject for Korian. In this sense, the establishments benefit from a secured access and different according to the person and his position.

The use of the solution is divided into three parts: 

– An identification support adapted for all: the staff and the residents or patients are equipped with badges (SmartTag) with personalized access rights according to their respective status
– Locking systems for enhanced security: the spaces within the buildings are equipped with a digital locking system adapted to their particularities
– Easy management and programming of equipment: software is used to create and manage identification badges and remote locking systems when digital locks are installed.