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What is Nexelec ?

In accordance with the French decree relating to the measurement of the renewal of the indoor air and the pollutants, Korian decided to install CO2 sensors in all its EHPAD, clinics and RSS in Europe.

This project led by Korian Solutions aims to measure the quality of the air within Korian establishments: CO2 concentration, temperature and relative humidity.

The sensors are automatically connected to a wireless network and powered by a 10-year battery. Each establishment will be provided with a minimum of three sensors. This number can increase significantly depending on the dedicated need.

Also, an access account to the sensor management platform is created for each equipped facility. This platform allows users to visualize the CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity of each sensor. The objective is to manually visualize the room accordingly. It also allows to configure alerts and contacts to be notified in case of too high CO2 concentration (>1400 ppm).