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Scout, assess and propose innovative solutions for test and evaluation by Korian Solutions or another Korian entity. The results of these efforts will be shared with the entire organization. To have a successful outcome the KIH will establish, foster and grow a culture and environment for innovation on group and country levels.

The considered solutions will bring a clear contribution to improving the quality of life of fragile people in our care or must enable our employees to do so as described in the Korian mission and values. The solutions will generate data or insights in digital format which might be used in itself and can be connected to other platforms.

. . . Innovative Solutions . . . 

Korian is interested in every innovation that can improve the quality of life of our residents and employees. These innovations can be in all domains we’re using to run our business and on new potential solutions to create new added value.

To have a good insight into the effects and potential of a new solution, it will be field-tested and evaluated. The results of these tests are shared with the Korian network. Korian is open for all innovations but we have extra attention for tools in medical related field, well-being, animation activities, sustainability and facility management. 

Based on tech side, Korian Innovation Hub has high expectations on IoT, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and RPA to bring our organization to another level. If you have innovations or idea’s in these area’s don’t hesitate to contact us. 

. . . results of these efforts will be shared . . .

The Korian Innovation Hub at group level is responsible for sharing the best practices in between the global Korian enterprise. To do this there are multiple channels which are being used.

There’s a monthly newsletter on Innovation, thematic long-read articles, we have an online innovation platform were we follow up all our innovation projects and which is accessible to every Korian employee with interest in innovation. 

. . . grow a culture and environment for innovation . . .

Korian Innovation Hub participates in many internal and external events. We share our insights, trend analysis and methodologies with our internal colleagues. All with the intention to grow the awareness and what to innovate and how to innovate.

To support this process we developed a stage gate process to keep track of the ongoing initiatives and to have a good decision making model on what projects to continue and to scale up. 

. . . improving the quality of life . . .

All the efforts we have should have a positive impact on at least one of our two main stakeholder groups, our patients and residents or our employees. The best case is on both of them.

To be sure that we deliver the right solutions we involve our stakeholders as early as possible in the assessment of new potential projects. In this way we avoid disappointing results. Further we work with clear deliverables to be transparent in what, how, where we will test and what the type of feedback can be expected after the proof of concepts.

. . . generate data or insights in digital format . . . & . . . connected . . .

All potential innovative solutions we will discuss, asses, test and evaluate should have a digital and data driven element. We strongly believe that data is the future to enable new innovations on top of it. Therefore we focus mainly on these solutions where -beside the operational added value- we can capture the results in a digital format.

Beside the data it’s mandatory that the used innovation and the platforms behind it are in an open architecture to be connected with existing and new technology platforms.