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What is InMersiv ?

Sam ensures the well-being of your patients. Sam is a multi-sensory, 4D device which provides for the well-being of people suffering from anxiety, depression, serious neuro-cognitive disorders or neuro-degenerative illnesses (Alzheimer’s disease).

It offers an immersive experience in emotionally positive environments, to ensure increased well-being.

Sam allows patients to move within photo-realistic, immersive 4D environments, with 360° graphic rendering, advanced sound system and directional ventilation. An easy-to-use controller allows interaction with the environment. The environments are customised and adapted to the emotional responses of the patients, or the needs of the care team.

It is designed to improve the lives of patients with neurovegetative disorders in a fragile geriatric setting. Caregivers and families also benefit from the device.
It consists of a square immersion room of 11,8 feet on each side and 8 feet high. The immersion is visual, sonorous and caused by air flows. Each wall is a screen. The patient and his companion are seated in the center of the room. Images are continually projected on the 4 walls (360°) and the patient can, by moving his head and/or turning around, see the different parts of the landscape. By means of a joystick he can enlarge details and/or position himself in another part of the surrounding scenery. For example, when approaching a bird perched on a tree, the bird starts to sing or flies away.
It is therefore essential to create good definition computer graphics to make animals, objects, avatars appear…