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What is Kaspard ?

Kaspard is a device for detecting and preventing falls in Korian establishments. It allows to detect falls as well as residents leaving their beds for too long. This small, portable and non-intrusive device is placed on the ceiling of the residents’ room. Without contact or image, it respects the privacy of each person. Kaspard detects all types of falls and sends an alarm in real time to the nursing staff to intervene quickly. This 3D visualization tool allows to understand the circumstances of a fall in elderly people and to anticipate them.

Kaspard came up with the idea of developing a solution that provides continuous information to caregivers in the event of a fall or exit from bed. The system is based on a small, easy to use, discreet and complete non-contact device that is mounted on the wall at a height. This technological companion alerts caregivers if the elderly person gets out of bed, falls to the floor, or is abnormally absent for a long time. This device reassures caregivers, provides objective activity reports to institutions, and creates a secure environment for the senior and their family when they are away.