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Our mission

Korian Innovation Hub briefly?

Scout, assess and propose innovative solutions for test and evaluation by Korian Solutions or another Korian entity. The results of these efforts will be shared with the entire organization. To have a successful outcome the KIH will establish, foster and grow a culture and environment for innovation on group and country levels.

50+ years of expertise that we want to share with you!

The solutions envisaged will make a clear contribution to improving the quality of life of the frail people we care for or must enable our employees to do so as described in the Korian mission and values. The solutions will generate data or information in a digital format that can be used on its own and can be connected to other platforms.

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Why choose the Hub Innovation Korian ?

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Digital native. Driven by digital impact on our patient’s well-being.

Romain Carre

Digital Chief Project

Innovateur enthousiaste. Toujours à la recherche d’opportunités pour améliorer la qualité de vie de nos patients, de nos résidents et de nos employés.

Wim Van Boghout

Chef de l’innovation Groupe

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