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What is MoveInMed ?

Move In Med is a start-up, specializing in the development of services, and digital tools in order to improve patients courses with chronic diseases.

In 2019, Korian takes a majority stake in the company. Indeed, the company’s targeted goal is to enable institutions and healthcare professionals with digital tools to better coordinate and streamline the care pathway for patients. The care pathways combine personalized support for patients and the creation of their own digital care space, which centralizes the data and events in their care pathway.

Therefore, the exchanges and cooperation between health professionals (medico-psycho-social) involved in their care are thus facilitated.

Move In Med offers a specific expertise in consulting, technological innovation and training for institutions and health professionals around three points:

1/ Audit of care pathways: understanding the determinants of care pathways in the field, the points of disruption and the projects developed or to be developed (consulting)

2/ Medical surveys: Design and deployment of surveys among healthcare actors: patients, healthcare professionals and nurse consultants. Identify the views of each (and the differences) on the management. (consulting part)

3/ Project management: Accompanying teams on complex projects from design (article 51, CPTS medical project, network project, etc.) to implementation (monitoring, KPI, framing, training). (consulting part)

The company has also developed an e-health approach with a value proposition focused on setting up a platform to link the players in the care process around a care pathway to enable the user to find contacts and pathways. For the professionals, it allows them to link up and follow the patient over time. Digitization of the pathway in the platform and automation of the coordinators’ tasks. The platform is customizable and parameterized to adapt to different pathologies, contexts and teams. The latter build their own platform.