Teleconsultation deployed by doctors. 

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Understand Omedys

What is Omedys ?

Telemedicine, a remote medical practice using new technologies, guarantees care access for all residents when they need it, in support or as a relay to the attending physicians. This is why Korian is partnering with Omedys to develop the tele-medicine offer. Indeed, the company Omedys, founded in 2019 in Troyes by Dr. Arnaud Devillard and Dr. Jérémie Goudour, two experienced emergency physicians and telemedicine specialists, is a digital practice solution for general medicine teleconsultation

The company offers a network of qualified tele-assistants, health professionals, specially trained for this purpose, are present to welcome patients and facilitate exchanges and data transmissions. This device allows to avoid :

– Inappropriate calls to emergency

– Unjustified transport to the emergency room

– Aggravation due to delays in care

– Disruptions in the management of chronic pathologies.

This system is particularly well suited to the local monitoring of frail people or those suffering from chronic pathologies, particularly in medical deserts, in support of the attending physician. It also provides additional security for care teams in nursing homes.

As follow, this new  solution helps to deal with any specific needs of Korian establishments in terms of scheduled and unscheduled consultations in retirement homes, as a relay for the attending physicians and in support of the teams of caregivers. This offer will also be extended to the Group’s clinics, within the framework of tele-expertise consultations, and to home care, notably within the framework of the Oriane offer.