How to apply a project?

Welcome to our project application page. Korian is eager to get to know your project and to see if and how it could fit in our roadmap.


Information about your project application

About your application

To ensure we give feedback to every applicant we’ve developed a procedure to ensure we check you proposed project on several elements:

  1. Is it aligned with our company mission, vision and values?
  2. Does it fit or enforce our strategic roadmap?
  3. What is the expected outcome of a potential collaboration (co-creation, testing, partnership, commercial, …)

To have a good insight into the effects and potential of a new solution, it will be field-tested and evaluated. The results of these tests are shared with the Korian network. Korian is open for all innovations but we have extra attention for tools in medical related field, well-being, animation activities, sustainability and facility management. 

Based on tech side, Korian Innovation Hub has high expectations on IoT, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and RPA to bring our organization to another level. If you have innovations or idea’s in these area’s don’t hesitate to contact us. 

About your company

The Korian Innovation Hub at group level is responsible for sharing the best practices in between the global Korian enterprise. To do this there are multiple channels which are being used.

There’s a monthly newsletter on Innovation, thematic long-read articles, we have an online innovation platform were we follow up all our innovation projects and which is accessible to every Korian employee with interest in innovation. 

About the procedure

The exact procedure we will share with you once we’ve assessed your application. It all starts with the big button below, we ask you to fill all the answers and to add relevant slidedeck or other supporting documents to make sure we have all required information.

In the best case your slidedeck and answers to our questions speak for themselves.

It’s our aim to give you feedback in a few weeks. There are three options:

    1. Let’s talk!
      We invite you for an online interview with us, in this scenario your application triggered us and we want to know more. During this interview we will explain the rest of the innovation procedure inside Korian and we will ask you everything we want to know more about your application and discuss potential next-steps.
    2. Sorry, thanks for your application but…
      We don’t see a next step in your application. This will be the case in when your product is not relevant for our business, because we have already a solution available which fits our need… In any case we will give you a brief explanation how we came to this conclusion. 
    3. Interesting, but…
      We see the opportunity but due to one or combination of multiple reasons we can not convert your proposal into a real project or proof of concept. Maybe you’re currently to early in your developments, maybe we don’t have the resources available to work with you in this area. Whatever the reason is, we’re interested in keeping an open line of communication but will not do a short-term project together with you. But we love to hear from you in case of important product evolutions or company news. We will discuss with you a new date in a (half) year to have a short update and see from there.

About your (company) data

In all three scenario’s above, we will keep your application and contact details in our database to do our internal reporting and follow up of your application. On simple request by mail to we will delete all the provided information.