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What is Technosens ?

Korian has become a majority shareholder in the tech company Technosens, alongside VYV Group, the leading mutual health and social protection company in France. This Grenoble-based start-up specializes in the design and development of ergonomic digital solutions for healthcare and medico-social institutions as well as for the home.

Technosens offers ergonomic digital solutions that provide caregivers, families, and the elderly with new interactions and services: use of the television as a communication interface, videophone doubt removal during a sick call, digital scoreboard, inactivity detection, teleconsultation, etc.

Their digital tools facilitate the work of caregivers by making information more fluid and providing access to new indicators. Relatives and families remain connected, informed and reassured.

The company has developed E-lio solution, which allows residents and patients to maintain social ties through video and audio calls with their loved ones and receive information on daily life (entertainment programs, menus, weather, etc.) using a television connected to a box installed in each room. The solution also facilitates communication between teams within the facilities.